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5th Annual Waste Management and Recycling Conference

Mogorosi Communications proudly hosted the 5th Annual Waste Management & Recycling Conference at the Emperors Palace Hotel on July 30 & 31 July. This gathering sought to provide an opportunity for participants to debate the challenges faced in developing waste management as well as improvements and technologies to manage waste. The summit was taken by participants as a platform to deliberate issues pertaining to sustainable waste management. It was organized on the backdrop of effective waste management can contribute to job creation thereby responding to the aspirations contained in the National Development Plan.

The effective and efficient management of waste is fundamental to the sustainability of any society and the four previous conferences worked on proving that. Nonetheless, the 5th Annual Waste Management & Recycling Conference shifted its focus on the wealth side of waste. It focused on reflecting on the notion of whether there is business in the Waste Management & Recycling sector. Among the issues addressed were the legal policies that promote waste management, capacity to manage waste as a science and principles of recycling behavior change. The speakers had an in-depth discussion on legal policies that promote waste management as a potential revenue stream, capacity to manage waste as a science, fostering public education and involvement, principles of recycling behavior change as they sought to establish opportunities in waste management.

 Zakhele Mdlalose, Director at Department of Trade and Industry echoed the objectives of the Summit when he pointed out that recycling of waste has a potential to promote the development of new industries. He went on to establish that Waste Management supports industrial efficiency and improves competitiveness of the existing industries through costs savings in materials and energy used.  Investments in the waste management and recycling sector have also proven to make a contribution towards the achievement of national targets on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and energy security through waste-to-energy projects.

The summit established that there is a need to streamline the coordination of waste management initiatives within the country and bring together all the role players. This includes other government departments, provinces, municipalities, private sector, civil society and the general public. This will go a long way in ensuring that the plight of waste management is elevated. Moreover, there was also talk of the need to focus on recycling different materials such as e-waste, plastic, glass and polystyrene. The need to work on probiotic solutions for recycling food waste into soil food all with the goal to work towards Progress: Zero Plastics to Landfills by 2030 as presented by Plastics SA



1st Annual Cable Anti-Theft Technologies Summit

The summit turned out to be a great success with a variety of speakers from telecommunications, railway industry, researchers, electricity industry to cable manufactures amongst others.

Held at Focus rooms in Sunninghill, Johannesburg, brought over 50 delegates.

It provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the effects of copper cable theft, challenges faced in the protection of copper cables, technology solutions as well as the extent of their implementation.

The outlook for reduction in cable theft levels for 2014 is concerning given the consistent increase in theft over the past months. Hopefully this upward movement can be arrested through intensification of policing efforts and information sharing amongst key stakeholders.

This event is held annually to keep updates on technological ways to curb cable theft. The next summit will be held on 24&25 February 2015.

For more info, contact Amanda Bokleni, Conference Producer on 011 325 2485


Fuel Management Conference

There is no doubt that fuel prices have risen and dropped a few times this year. A study has shown that SA’s fuelprice is ranked 40th on the global league and fleet companies throughout the country are leveraging the benefits of alternative fuels to reduce fuel costs.

The Fuel Management Conference which will be held at Emperors Place on the 26 and 27 of February 2015 is a highly anticipated  event  expected to gather delegates from, supply chain & logistics industry, fleet, fuel manufacturers and distributors industry  automotive industry, petroleum associations, law enforcement agencies economic and health and environment  industry

The forum of discussion will focus on two central methods that can be approached to cut fuel costs, namely:

  • reducing fuel consumption
  • changing procurement methods

In order for fleets to save on fuel, fleet owners need to ensure that they buy at the best possible prices, this conference will look at ways to promote and protect the interest of petroleum retailers in South Africa.

While the benefits of fuel management may be significant to all of us, the use of unconventional fuels and technologies can present fueling and infrastructure challenges, capital investment, training difficulties, and more. The conference will discuss software solutions and tools that could manage these challenges.

One critical crisis the industry is facing, fuel theft: Why hijack only a fuel tanker when you can rob an entire depot?

Carte Blanche recently documented a show on fuel depot theft where thieves gain millions after cleaning depots and selling the liquid on black market. A presentation by a Business Analyst, Riaan Naude will discuss issues that will help combat fuel theft in the dispensing yard and ways to identify the culprits

The Department of Energy is mandated amongst others to regulate the petroleum industry at the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing levels, through the implementation of the Petroleum Products Act. The conference will also identify areas where policy making processes can include these measures and indicators.


Reserve your seat to receive intelligent insights from some of the experts and experienced entrepreneurs in the industry. If you are looking for a fuel management solutions for your company, this is the place to network and exchange contacts to network with other professionals

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